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  • Bike Ride Lighting

    Bike Ride Lighting

    People are busy with working or studying in daytime and they have no time to do sports or leisure. But there will be much leisure time at night when they are off duty. Enjoying an outdoor bike riding is an excellent choice for more and more young people together with their friends or families at night. You must be careful when having a bike riding for outdoor activities at night. (1) Bicyc…… More>>

  • camping-lighting

    Camping Lighting

    Outdoor camping once was a military or sport exercise program. But now it has become a leisure activity for common people. Camping is a leisure activity and campers will carry tents and leave city to camp in the wild, spending one or more nights. Camping is normally connected with other activities, such as hiking, angling or swimming etc. Professional equipment is requested for camping, such …… More>>

  • police-tactical-lighting


    Tactical light is a kind of equipment for fighting at night, referring to flashlight mounted on guns. As long as mounted with tactical light, there will be no requirements to take gun by one hand and take flashlight by the other hand. Tactical lights are very suitale for police law enforcement in dark or special armies anti-terrorist combat commision. When choosing tactical lights, several po…… More>>

  • Bike Ride Lighting

    Home Standby Lighting

    Human beings has relied on electricity so much since it has entered the era of electric lighting. However, the power is cut off sometimes due to various reasons and then home emergency lighting tools are required. Home emergency lighting is required at emergency time, such as power outage, fire or earthquake. Home emergency lighting include security lighting and standby lighting. Home securit…… More>>

  • Mine Work Lighting

    Mine Work Lighting

    Workers working in mine or tunnel maintenance need to liberate both hands from lighting. And the lighting tool to liberate both hands is headlamp. As the saying goes, headlamp is a lamp worn on head to make hands free. Headlamp is worn on head or safety helmet. Nowadays, the light source of headlamp has been developed from HID into LED. LED headlamp is characterized as energy-saving, durable and l…… More>>

  • Diving Sports Lighting

    Diving Sports Lighting

    As human living standards has improved, the desire to explore the mysteries of the sea enhanced diving sports gradually gradually developed from individual regions into all of costal cities around the world, and even nowadays more and more diving clubs has developed and boomed in internal lake cities. Since it is dim undewater and people want to see everything on the bottom of sea, a set of lighti…… More>>

  • Outdoor Hiking Lighting

    Outdoor Hiking Lighting

    People living in cities haven’t been satisfied with hustle and bustle city life, beginning to enjoy outdor hiking sports and lots of travellers has arisen. Outdoor hiking is a very healthy outdoor sports. More and more people love and enjoy it. What kinds of equipments are required for travel hiking? Personal clothing, such as jackets and trousers are necessary. And sunglasses, wind masks, ra…… More>>

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