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Brand StrategyI. Brand Positioning
Canwelum Group is positioned in comprehensive scales and lighting manufacturer, to be “Light Culture Pioneer” for “Energy-saving Lighting & Artistic Lighting”. Relying on “World Factory” powerful productivity and complete luminaires industry chain, “Canwelum” is to be forged into “World Brand” in lighting industry globally.

II. Marketing Planning
Develop market and accumulate customers by network marketing at the first stage and creating an Internet brand in lighting industry. And then go to the target countries or regions to develop market by facing distributors or consumers directly. Then choose and foster qualified distributors in target cities of each country. Go ahead step by step and be stationed in one city by one city. Some country will be chosen to test in the beginning and develop market of new countries or areas after being experienced and profited.
Both online and offline marketing should be matched to run. And both of them must be operated at the late stage.

III. Sales Channel Construction
Some qualified customers with intention will be chosen to be franchised distributors. A community of interests will be formed to develop local market and create “Canwelum” brand together. A strong sales distribution channel will be built up to sell products and forge brand.

IV. Global Layout of Factories
A certain amount of factories will be established in South America, South Asia, Middle East, Eastern Europe or Africa with labor cost advantage at late stage according to the market performance. Research & development and tooling parts will be finished in the mainland of China but assembly and production will be done in those factories around the world.

V. Operation Center Globally
Operation centers will be set up in relevant regions at late stage, responsible for warehousing, logistics, marketing planning, brand promotion, marketing and sales, and after-sale service etc.