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    CRM System Is Setting Up in Canwelum

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    • Published : 12/24/2012
    In order to serve customers better and improve company’s entire management efficiency, Canwelum’s administration team decides to set up a perfect Customer Relationship Management System (also called CRM). The entire management procedure will be integrated into the system, including purchasing, warehousing, logistics, product, customer, after-sale service and finance etc. CRM is the abbreviation of Customer Relationship Management, which is a software system on computer automation sales analysis, marketing, customer service and application support etc. CRM is a business strategy of choosing and administrate valuable customers and their relationship. CRM requires customer-centric enterprise culture to support marketing, sales and service procedure effectively.

    CRM System Modules:
    1. Product Center Management,
    2. Customer Relationship Management,
    3. Marketing Management,
    4. Sales Channel Management,
    5. Sales Analysis System,
    6. Purchasing Management,
    7. Warehousing Management,
    8. Logistics Management,
    9. Financial Management,
    10. User Management

    CRM Project Implementation
    CRM Project implementation can be divided into three steps, including application business integration, business data analysis and decision & execution.
    1. Application Business Integration
    CRM will integrate independent marketing management, sales management and after-sales service together to manage in an entire operation system. Different data from various channels will be integrated to share and analyze. Various real data record can be got from CRM system, and these data represents real business condition at present.
    2. Business Data Analysis
    The processing and analysis of data of CRM system will make Canwelum benefit from CRM. The analysis of data can be applied by OLAP way and various reports can be made. And it can also be treated by Business Information Warehouse. Further processing of data will be done, analyzing various data relationship and setting up relative data model to simulate and predict. 
    3. Decision & Execution
    Based on predictable analysis reports supplied by data analysis, Canwelum will modify business plan and procedure if required in order to keep in touch with customers more closely and make business operation more suitable for market requirements.

    Shenzhen Canwelum Optoelectronics Co., Limited has started setting CRM system from December, 2012 and the design and modules of whole system will be finished before January 30, 2013.