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    More Language Platforms, More Market Channels

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    • Published : 12/25/2012

    The space of information coverage is market and effective information will be read and known of. There will be business chances for the export of product only if company’s product information has been found out by target customers. In order to increase corporate business channel and develop more markets, Canwelum decided to increase six languages website platform to cover lighting market globally, including Russian, Arabic, Portuguese, Spanish, French and Japanese.

    The establishment of multi-language website is the same as build up house, requiring various human resources and materials investing on it, also including many staffs’ hard work and diligence. The finish of entire project will gather the whole team’s wisdom and efforts. The establishment of multi-language platform will build a solid and durable foundation for corporate network marketing.

    The project was started from August 2012 and planned to be finished in the end of November 2012. But the entire project will be delayed to be finished in January 30, 2013 due to some issues arising on different procedures. We appreciate every staffs working for the project! Thanks for your joining and hard work!