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    LED Floodlight to Replace HPS ones by Canwelum

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    • Published : 4/12/2013

    Shenzhen Canwelum Optoelectronics Co., Limited has been concentrating on indoor & outdoor lighting. In addition to its very successful series of flood light already on the market, deemed the thinnest HPS ever with the slimmest price going, Canwelum + Architectural Products by Canwelum is pleased to introduce its cost effective LED flood light, featuring the classic look of the original very popular fluorescent light fixture in an updated LED format.


    Integrated within a low profile, sturdy, all white PVC casing, which is intended to readily fit into all of those “hard to light” places that previously could not be illuminated, such as furniture, cabinets and displays, Canwelum’s energy efficient 120 volt LED flood light not only comes complete with a free 6-foot power cord as well as PVC mounting clips and screws, it also includes a number of desirable features usually found on much more costly units including a protective polycarbonate bulb cover, an individual on/off rocker switch, and modular, daisy chained connectivity, enabling up to ten fixtures to be linked either directly to one another or via available 6-inch, 12-inch or 18-inch connecting cables.


    Offered in three standard lengths from 23.77-inches up to 47.70-inches with cool or warm white lighting, Canwelum’s LED flood light comprises from 96 to 240 LED chips per fixture with a Color Rendering Index (CRI) of 75 (cool white) and 80 (warm white). Noted for its manufacturing and performance consistency, not to mention its low power consumption, Canwelum’s super bright flood light has a beam spread of 120° and provides from 720 Lumens up to 1,800 Lumens depending on the chosen bulb color temperature and fixture length.

    Designed to utilize from 33% to 42% less energy than its fluorescent counterpart, Canwelum’s LED flood light is environmentally friendly, contains no mercury, gives off minimal heat transmission, and does not emit UV rays or infrared light, rendering Canwelum’s Flood light ideal and safe for a variety of residential and commercial applications.


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