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Corporate ProfileCorporate Profile:

“Customer First, Service Formost”. Canwelum Group Limited is here to supply perfect commodities and satisfactory service for customers around the world.


I. High-quality and Upper-class Products

Canwelum Group has been striving to supply perfect products for customers globally. Started from design and the choice of materials, we have tried to provide customers with high-quality and upper-class products. Although the price is competitive online and most of customers love low price, Canwelum is targeted at high quality and suitable price. The market will prove everything as public praise is a sword of word and high-quality products will go farther than low-quality ones.


II. Strict Quality Control

In order to improve customers’ buying experience, Canwelum Group team pays more attention to Quality Control. Each item will be tested and checked before shipping. An order represents a responsibility for us.


III. Satisfactory Service

Products and quality is not unique factor for business. Canwelum Group also provides customers good package and shipping service. In addition, Canwelum After-sale Service Team is working for customers with any questions or issues. We try to solve any issues for every esteemed customer. Your satisfaction is our happiness.


Canwelum Group has been and is still supplying perfect commodities for you!

Organization Structure: 
Organization Structure