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Enterprise CultureVision & Mission 
Corporate Vision: Build up sales channel around the world gradually and set up world brand in lighting industry.
Corporate Mission: Dedicated to lighting culture construction for human life and working environment, supplying green, confortable and artistic light fittings and application solutions for global customers.

Corporate Strategy
Brand Strategy
Abandon OEM business model without brand in lighting industry in China and achieve transformation and upgrading of foreign trade and export, spreading “Canwelum” brand in the global market.

Sales Channel Strategy
Both offline and online sales channel: online at first, offline in the mid-term and both in later period. At earlier stage, forge “Canwelum” to be network brand by online promoting and spreading. And then go abroad to target markets to develop entity store sales channel distributors when there are enough talents and financial strength. Morality first, both good morality and ability, to be as capable as you can. Every employee will accept enterprise culture training in order to make them integrated into corporate culture and environment.

Talents Strategy
Adhere to the philosophy of people-oriented and fully learn of man’s requirements, supplying a life-development and career-development platform for all employees and workers. Choose and cultivate various talents to set up a strong and stable corporate team. Morality first and both good morality and ability, to be as capable as you can. Every new employee will accept enterprise culture training to make sure everyone integrate into corporate culture.

Operation Philosophy
Focus on R&D and marketing, strictly control operation cost and venture. Integrate resources and build up sales channel to forge brand.

Teamwork Culture
“Wolf” team, division of labor and cooperation, friendly cooperation; can work hard and try best, never say no and lose confidence!

Innovation Culture
Practical and ambitious, go ahead step by step, accumulate and innovate: Innovative management, innovative marketing and innovative technology. Exert people’s subjective innovative and reward innovative ideas if enabled. 

Crisis Consciousness
“Thrive in calamity and perish in soft living”. Predict changes in industry and market, and make correct forward-looking decision, sustainable development and profitability. 

Staff Well-beings
Supply a good development platform and warm “family” for every staff, to be a company satisfied by staffs.