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Warranty Clauses“Canwelum Group” is committed to providing customers and consumers with qualified products and good customer services. The production process is under strict managements and QC procedure is under strict control, striving to less quality incidents and complaints.

I. Quality Commitment
(1) “Canwelum Group” is committed to supplying qualified and reliable products. All supplied products are new, entire and never-used. And all products are checked and tested carefully and strictly.
(2) As for the products supplied by our company, we are committed to limited warranty only if used under prescribed conditions. And all products out of work during warranty period will be maintained and repaired according to terms and conditions. Please refer to User's Manual for details when you have received the item.
(3) Warranty Time: Calculate from the day purchased by consumers. Or calculate from the production date if there are no purchasing proves.

II. Customer Supports and Maintenance
The purchaser must check the products carefully to ensure item No., specifications and quantity are correct before delivery and shipment when doing inspections. And our company won’t be responsible for the problems due to item No., specifications and quantity after delivery and shipment. The after-sale maintenance terms and conditions are as below: 
(1) If products are out of work during warranty period under normal usage conditions, there are three ways that can be chosen to solve after-sale maintenance problems.
     Customer service is responsible by Operation Center set up in target market. The products out of work are repaired by engineering workers delegated by Operation Center or sent to Operation Center to repair. And shipping fees should be burdened by sender respectively. 
In the target market without Operation Center, our company will communicate with one of distributors to confirm an office to be Repair Center. And the employed engineering worker’s cost will be burdened by our company. The products out of work will be sent to the Repair Center to maintain from other distributors in the target market, and shipping fees should be burdened by sender respectively.
In the target market without Operation Center or Repair Center, the products out of work will be repaired by technical worker designated by distributors or customers and repair parts will be supplied by our company free of charge. If they can’t be repaired, those broken products will be gathered by distributors or customers and will be sent back to our company to repair when the amount is up to some quantity, such as one box. And shipping fees should be burdened by sender respectively. 

(2) Product failures caused by non-normal use won’t be covered by warranty clause. But our company can supply repair service if they can be maintained well, and repair material fees and shipping fees sent and back should be burdened by the responsible side. As for the products can’t be repaired very well, our company won’t supply maintenance service.

(3) As for the situation during warranty period below, our company will supply paid repair service and won’t burden freight charge sent and back. 
Being failed or damaged due to incorrect installation, operation or being used in non-prescribed working environment;
Failures or damages caused by demolition, alteration or maintenance without our company’s agreement;
Product labels have been destructed or product dates have been altered;
Failures or damages due to the acts of God, such as floods, fires, earthquakes or lightning, or by human errors, and as for any direct, indirect, subsequent damages caused by the acts above, our company takes no responsibility;

(4) As for products exceeding warranty period, our company supplies charged maintenance service, but only charge material cost fees rising during maintenance process and our company won’t burden shipping fees sent and back;

The final interpretations of all the clauses above are reserved by Canwelum Group Limited, and the right of updating the documents is reserved.